Colorado’s Marijuana Dispensaries Select CannaScore #1 Compliance Audit Software

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Colorado’s Marijuana Dispensaries Select CannaScore as #1 Compliance Audit Software

Colorado’s Marijuana Dispensaries Select CannaScore #1 Compliance Audit Software.

CS Compliance Systems (, developers of CannaScore ( – the world’s first real-time regulatory compliance auditing application for the cannabis industry, announced it is the premier tool of its kind in Colorado.

CannaScore is an easy-to-use program that conducts compliance audits to assure that cannabis-based business operate within state and local regulations.

Cannabis growers, producer/processors, and marijuana retailers use the system to identify potential problem areas, which not only protects against fines, shutdowns, and possible license revocation, but also provides assurance to landlords, bankers, investors, insurance brokers, and even customers.

“We’re on top of compliance because of the CannaScore software,” said Johnny Kurish, General Manager, Helping Hands Herbals in Boulder. “It’s great because it keeps every level of our staff engaged, up-to-date, and constantly reminded of the detailed standards in our industry. Compliance truly is a shared responsibility, and CannaScore is a great tool to keep everyone involved.”

Annie Iselin, Supply Chain Manager at Kind Love in Denver, says CannaScore helps the company maintain its high standards. “Kind Love is incredibly excited to utilize CannaScore throughout each of our divisions. It not only ensures accuracy of compliance, but also sets a bar for us as a company to consistently achieve perfection.”

CannaScore recently announced that it is offering a Free Trial of its highly rated software system. Companies that are involved in the cannabis industry can try the system for free and evaluate its ease-of-use and multitudes of benefits.

Saleea LaPray, General Manager at The Cortez Medicine Man, says she loves CannaScore’s speed, which keeps auditing fast and easy. “I love CannaScore’s quick audit feature! It let’s me stay on top of compliance without interrupting my other responsibilities,” she said.

To learn more about why Colorado’s Marijuana Dispensaries Select CannaScore #1 Compliance Audit Software, and take advantage of the Free Trial, visit and click on “Free Trial,” or call: 720-890-7344.


About CannaScore:

CannaScore is an award winning application that provides real-time cannabis-industry compliance auditing, scoring and analysis configured to state and local regulations. Verified companies receive compliance certifications, giving assurance to regulators, banks, investors, landlords, company management, and customers.

Discover why Colorado’s Marijuana Dispensaries Select CannaScore #1 Compliance Audit Software!