CannaScore Agent Compliance Audit Software
Make compliance audits simple!

Compliance Audit Software for Cannabis Support Businesses

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    Help Your Clients Manage Cannabis Compliance

    Solving compliance problems starts with knowing your customer. With CannaScore Agent, you have a powerful compliance audit tool!

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    Save Time On Inspection Reports

    Our software features built-in photo and note-taking capabilities, and the reports are automatically emailed!

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    Client Management

    With our built-in client database and audit scheduling, we make it easy to manage your inspections.

Why is compliance so important?

In the cannabis industry, compliance is a moving target, and many companies are struggling to hit the mark. What many business owners don’t know is that the consequences of breaking the rules can range from a simple verbal or written warning for minor issues, to fines as high as $100,000 per occurrence. In some cases, the business license may even be suspended or revoked immediately! While many business owners shrug off compliance issues, the Colorado Marijuana Enforcement Division revoked 30 business licenses, and issued fines ranging from $5000-$150,000 for at least 50 more businesses in 2015. Worse yet, if a business fails a compliance inspection, it often means more frequent inspections in the future, which only adds to the problem. With CannaScore Agent, consultants and support businesses have an accessible, easy-to-use tool to help clients manage and improve compliance.

Conduct compliance audits on any device!

The heart of CannaScore Agent is driven by an in-depth questionnaire, tailored to the type of operation being audited.

The responses to these questions are used to calculate the resulting CannaScore.

CannaScore compliance ratings are meant to work kind of like a credit score for your compliance. The ratings are broken into the following brackets:

CannaScore Compliance Audit Ranking system

Companies that haven’t had compliance management programs in the past are likely to score fairly low on their first audit, but with a little guidance these scores are often increased over time.

How does CannaScore help my clients?

With CannaScore® Agent, as soon as you complete your compliance audit, your client will receive their audit report. The report contains notes and photos taken during the audit, along with your summary of the facility’s condition. Reports generated by CannaScore® Agent also include the facility’s CannaScore®, along with the estimated fines for the issues found in the report. As a CannaScore Certified Auditor, you’ll also be able to certify facilities through the CannaScore Approved Vendor program, which is designed to set a new standard in compliance for the cannabis industry. For a facility to become a CannaScore Approved Vendor they must be audited by a CannaScore Certified Auditor at least every 90 days for one year, and achieve a minimum score of at least 900 with each audit. Once the facility has satisfied these requirements, it will receive a certificate and decal featuring the year of the certification. The decals can be stacked year after year, so facilities can proudly show the world that they continue to care about compliance.

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