CS Compliance Systems, LLC Acquires CannaScore

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CS Compliance Systems, LLC Acquires CannaScore

CS Compliance Systems, LLC Acquires CannaScore

CS Compliance Systems, LLC Acquires CannaScore: CannaScore, the developers of the world’s first real-time regulatory compliance and auditing software for the cannabis industry, announced that the company has been acquired by CS Compliance Systems, LLC. Noted compliance expert, Thomas M. Smith, has joined the organization as Managing Partner.

Smith brings over 33 years experience in regulatory compliance. His experience includes owning a commercial insurance brokerage and a highly regarded compliance agency that developed a proprietary suite of products, including electronic Federal/State OSHA, EPA and DOT rules, directives and interpretations.

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CS Compliance Systems brings together some of the top compliance experts in the nation. The company and their “dream team” of programmers and compliance specialists have developed a specialized suite of automated auditing services to ensure that companies are complying with all regulations for Safety, Health, Hazardous Materials, Training, Operations, Tracking, and Sales.

“I am pleased to join CS Compliance Systems and help our clients obtain, maintain, and verify compliance with the array of regulations governing their specific industry,” Smith commented. “With our team of experts and this powerful technology, we have the new Gold Standard in compliance auditing, and can provide assurance and certification to a range of interested parties, including growers, retailers, regulators, landlords, insurance brokers, and bankers.”

For more information on CS Compliance Systems, call: 720-890-7344 or visit: www.canna-score.com


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