CS Compliance Systems Recruits Nation’s Leading Compliance Experts

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CS Compliance Systems Recruits Nation’s Leading Compliance Experts

This compliance “Dream Team” has an unmatched depth of expertise

CS Compliance Systems, developers of CannaScore – the world’s first real-time regulatory compliance auditing software for the cannabis industry, announced it has recruited several leading compliance experts from around the nation.

This “Dream Team” of experts adds a range of proficiencies to the company, and provides clients with an unmatched depth of expertise.

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The team, led by noted compliance expert and Managing Partner, Thomas M. Smith, includes:

Ed Nodland – Compliance superstar with 20 years at Boeing as Engineering Manager and Trainer, and developer of compliance software for the United States Department of Transportation (DOT), and the US Air Force (AFMAN). Ed is also CEO of San Diego Data Services, where his team of 8 elite programmers will add capacity and expertise to CS Compliance Services.

Matt Hartleip – Award-winning software programmer and principal developer of CannaScore. Matt was developer and technical lead for Ag Services of America, and owner of OuterNet Solutions, providing cloud computing, enterprise security solutions, and mobile application development.

Ryan Lewis – Leader in cannabis compliance, inventory management, loss prevention and training. Ryan is a METRC certified advanced user, and has expertise in cultivation, packaging, retailing, and  inventory management processes.

Chad Dean – Master’s degreed lead consultant, specializing in cannabis industry state licensing and compliance. Chad helps businesses become and remain compliant with the vast myriad of regulations that govern the sector.

Susan Friedman, Consultant, compliance specialist with 6 years as CPO focused on DOT related compliance management and spatial data analytics for natural gas companies. Susan has over twenty-five years of experience running technology businesses based on customer needs and product strategies.

Tyler Alfred – 15+ years experience in business development, with expertise in software, manufacturing and distribution across several industries. He is expert in providing consulting services to the Cannabis industry with a focus on business formation and sales.

“CS Compliance Systems has the industry’s most powerful technology, backed by a robust team of experts, to provide compliance assurance, expertise, and certification to growers, producer/processors, retailers, landlords, insurance brokers, bankers, investors and regulators,” Smith commented.

For information on CS Compliance Systems, call: 720-890-7344 or visit: www.canna-score.com

About CS Compliance Systems, LLC:

CS Compliance Systems has an award-winning auditing and compliance software system, providing real-time scoring and analysis that can be configured to match Federal and State regulations. Verified companies receive compliance certifications, giving assurance to regulators, banks, investors, landlords and company management.

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