How It Works

CannaScore compliance audit software

CannaScore was created to help simplify cannabis compliance.

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    Simplified Compliance Audit Software

    We keep our compliance assessment database up-to-date, so you’re team can focus on finding solutions.

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    Save Time

    With our Quick Audit feature, you can perform compliance checks without clearing your schedule.

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    Get Your Reports Instantly

    With our automated reporting, you get your results as soon as you click Submit

The heart of CannaScore’s compliance audit software driven by an in-depth inspection, tailored to the type of operation being audited. Our database contains over 450 distinct questions, and provides the foundation for an accurate estimate of the operation’s overall compliance. Each audit type will contain roughly 200 – 250 unique questions. The responses to these questions are used to calculate the resulting score, which ranges from 500-1000. The CannaScore compliance ratings are broken into the following brackets:

CannaScore cannabis compliance audit softwaren rating system

Anything below 600 represents a severe risk of a shutdown.

The score is designed to provide a simplified understand of compliance for cannabis accounting and other services.

When your CannaScore audit is complete, you will immediately receive an email with a detailed report, including a summary of the audit, along with your score and estimated fines. There is also a detailed breakdown of each cannabis compliance violation, complete with auditor notes and recommendations. Any photos that were captured using the compliance audit software will also be shown in the report, with the associated question. Each violation will include the section of code that the question is linked to, to simplify review of violations if needed.

The audit reports generated by CannaScore, and the associated score, can be used for a variety of reasons, including daily operations, selling or purchasing a business, providing services to canna-businesses, and more. Click a section below to learn more about how CannaScore can help your business.

  • Facility types we serve:

    • Recreational/Adult-Use Dispensaries
    • Medical Marijuana Dispensaries
    • Recreational/Adult-Use Cultivators
    • Medical Marijuana Cultivators
    • Recreational/Adult-Use Manufacturers
    • Medical Marijuana Manufacturers
  • Benefits:

    • Streamline your compliance program
    • Simplify audits and reports
    • Create a Culture of Compliance
    • Keep up-to-date with current rules
    • Establish a History of Compliance
    • Peace of Mind