Is Seed-to-Sale Tracking Enough?

Ryan LewisUncategorized

Going deeper than seed-to-sale tracking.

Going a step further

There are a lot of software systems that focus on inventory tracking and management, and when used properly these systems can make your marijuana business much easier to manage. Everybody knows that software is important to simplifying the seed-to-sale tracking process, but do these systems really include everything you need for your business? Not really. There are a ton of things that happen in your business that you should be tracking. Employee training, security and alarm systems testing, quality control processes, just to name a few. Does your company have a formal employee training process for new employees? What about your managers? Do you keep records of your employee’s training? For some business types, this information isn’t just a good idea to track, it’s also required by law.

Working as a consultant for cannabis businesses across the nation, I’ve seen countless mistakes from many companies that could’ve been avoided with better training or better task management practices.
I’m talking about logs and forms for tracking information provided to your METRC managers. I’m talking about the items you should track on a daily basis in cultivation, infused product manufacturers, and dispensaries. Things that you aren’t required to do, but you do because they make your business better. Nutrient feeding or scouting for pests and diseases, tracking the chain of custody of a batch of trim until it becomes a concentrate or an infused product, and other production tasks should be tracked. When you start tracking this information, you can more easily look back and see where these and other processes could be improved.

The CannaScore Difference

At CannaScore, we’re developing a bunch of new tools to help growers, infused product makers, and dispensaries go deeper than seed-to-sale. Use CannaScore to help simplify these processes and many more, so you can focus on what matters to you. Over the next few weeks or months we’re going to be writing a lot of new posts with useful information for cannabis companies both new and established. Bookmark our site, or subscribe to our newsletter to stay up to date!